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SIM Court

The SIM Court is a training program that uses a fictitious litigation scenario as a vehicle for delivering the compliance message. The training is an innovative and stimulating method of delivering risk management related training. In addition to being an excellent alternative to conventional compliance training, SIM Court is distinct in its ability to effectively demonstrate the possible ramifications of a compliance failure. SIM Court promises to be an interactive and interesting method of promoting compliance.


The SIM Court presentation is delivered in two modules.

Module 1 commences with a refresher on the general principles of Health, Safety and Environment. Participants reflect on the key concepts relating to individual and collective responsibilities in risk management. This module also introduces participants to the general principles of litigation as one of the tools used by regulatory agencies. Participants are provided with an overview of the applicable factual scenario, relevant law and the procedural aspects of the prosecution. This module establishes the foundations which participants require to contextualise the critical messages which are communicated during the second module.

Module 2 features a simulated prosecution. The court proceeding revolves around a pre-existing or specially tailored factual scenario in which there have been various policy, procedural and human failures. This snap shot of the litigation process illustrates the type of regulatory court action that might follow from similar real life events.  The aims of this module are to: illustrate how risk management systems have practical and necessary purpose; and demonstrate how compliance failures will have lasting personal significance for the individual when an incident has occurred. This module frequently persuades the more sceptical participants that failure to accord with Health, Safety and Environmental policy and procedures whilst in the workplace can potentially translate into real consequences.


Our team of qualified and experienced training professionals have come from backgrounds in consulting and litigation. All consultants have extensive experience in consulting with private and public sector organisations and facilitating training. The consultants combine significant experience with sound academic backgrounds in Law, Health, Safety and Environment. The right combination of knowledge and experience allows our consultants to deliver powerful and effective presentations.


The second module of SIM Court training will require five people to actively participate by playing the roles of two witnesses, a defendant, a judge and a court officer. The five participants are provided with material in advance of the training so that they can sufficiently prepare for the exercise. The Judge and Court Officer as witnesses provide evidence-in-chief and are cross-examined similar to what you could expect in a real case. The role of the legal practitioners will be performed by our training consultants. The total running time of the training session is usually 3 hours. This can be tailored to client needs.

SIM Court training can be tailored to most legal frameworks that exist throughout Australia. Our training consultants can liaise with clients to incorporate issues and events which are particularly relevant to their situation. SIM Court is a versatile training tool which can be adapted to make it relevant to participants across a variety of levels, from new employees and contractors up to directors and senior managers.


A standard program is available as a low cost option. Specially tailored programs can also be developed in consultation with clients according to their needs and the issues relevant to their particular business. Tailor made products can be developed to accommodate almost any desired learning outcome.  The cost of the standard package includes consultation, development, preparation and delivery (including two consultants) excluding GST and standard costs and disbursements (travel, accommodation and printing).


SIM Court has significant advantages over more conventional training options. Not only is it an eminently more interesting method of delivery, it allows participants to develop a functional understanding of how policy and procedure should interact and translate into practical solutions. The training effectively places the often illusive concepts involved in risk management – such as ‘proactive obligation’ – into a practical context and reinforces the need for personal and collective responsibility.

All risk management messages are subject to eventual resistance over time. SIM Court aims to break through this tolerance by delivering effective and lasting insight into the potential adverse consequences.  SIM Court reveals in a very practical way – often for the first time – the seriousness of failure to accord with risk management frameworks. By exposing participants to the lasting personal consequences which flow from exposure to the litigation process participants receive invaluable insight.