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Environmental Programs

We work with business to ensure that it meets the fundamental requirements of its environmental obligations under the relevant acts and treaties. A good environmental management system aims to provide continual improvement and to make a contribution to the effort of sustainable development.

An effective environmental management system is a dynamic system that is constantly changing with the organisation. The system needs to be able to identify future trends, and adapt to meet these requirements whilst at the same time ensuring compliance with the organisations aims and regulatory requirements.

In short, what is an Environmental Management System (EMS)? It is a tool for managing environmental performance and risk.

So why have an Environmental Management System (EMS)?

  • Environmental Issues
  • Attitudinal Change
  • Pro-active move by your organisation
  • Changing Regulation in Australia
  • Environmental Cost of Operations

Wet can assist you in properly addressing the requirements and providing a range of benefits to your business including:

  • Development and implementation of an Environmental Management System
  • Addressing your organisations Aspects and Impacts
  • Setting objectives and targets in environmental performance
  • Creating awareness thought various training programs
  • Conducting Audits to the relevant standard prescribed
  • Identifying legal obligations
  • Allocation of responsibilities within the organisation

CURRAN Risk Management can assist you in meeting the requirements for the following international standard:

  • ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems